Judiciary must see if ‘power-hungry’ man is above the law: Zardari


Former president Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday criticising PTI chief Imran Khan, referred him as “mad for power” and said the judiciary must see “whether this person is above the law”.

“All provinces are looking to us in this emergency situation, but there is a man whose lust for power is driving him mad with each passing day,” a statement issued by the PPP quoted Zardari as saying during a meeting with Sindh ministers.

Without naming the PTI chief, Zardari called out for allegedly threatening the army, the police and a female magistrate, saying “this man dares authorities to arrest him”.

“This man is subjecting our army to criticism on a daily basis and the same army is battling terrorists and sacrificing their lives for the country,” the PPP co-chairperson said.


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