JSMU holds seminar on healthy, wholesome families


A seminar titled “Together Let’s Make the Miracle Possible”was organized by the Sindh Reproductive and Genetic Health Centre-Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) here on Thursday.

Experts at a seminar discussed the burgeoning issue of infertility in population and the need for intervention to have healthy, wholesome families.

Speaking on the need for the seminar, the Vice Chancellor JSMU Professor AmjadSirajMemon urged for more awareness sessions, where issues that are considered taboo were discussed more freely and openly.

He affirmed JSMUs commitment to service and research in areas of relevance to the communities.

Thanking the delegates and guest speakers, he presented them with Ajrak and Sindhi caps.

The Vice Chancellor also extended his support for the SRGHC-JSMU to provide the best resources and help that the centre needs to progress.

“It didn’t take long for me to recognize the need for a public sector infertility treatment centre which provides services to subfertility couples without charging hefty fees,” said director SRGHC-JSMU, DrNighat Shah said while speaking on the occasion.

“I request all my patients to consider infertility as a disease and get help”, Joint Secretary at The Society of Obstetricians &Gynecologists of Pakistan (SOGP), Dr Ayesha Siddiqa urged while explaining the ground realities of subfertility in Balochistan and shedding light on the female fertility test situation, marital unawareness and ovulation disorders.

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr Muhammad Arshad Chohan explained the Ovulation Induction drugs and dosage and how it varies from patient to patient.

The seminar included a detailed panel discussion on the theme; IVF/ICSI in low resource setting, by DrZaryabSethna, DrSiraj-ud-Daulah, DrNusrat Shah, DrRaziaKorajo, moderated by DrMehjabeen Musharraf.

“As many as 2.5 million ART cycles per year take place and 500,000 babies are born, whereas the global need for ART is much more.

To improve the local impediments, we should share clinical resources since there are very few of them, to meet the needs of our patients”, Clinical Embryologist at Lahore Institute of Fertility and Endocrinology, Dr Haroon Latif added.

DrSirajUdDaulah received a token of thanks from Prof Arshad Chauhan for speaking on the theme of Stem Cell, Genetic Infertility & Beyond, while DrYousuf Latif Khan, Professor of Obs&Gynae at Rashid Latif Medical College, Lahore and Consultant at Hameed Latif Hospital spoke about the role of hysteroscopy in sub-fertility.

Sharing his experience from when he was the President of SOGP, DrSherShah Syed spoke about social issues that arise out of infertility.

DrShaheen Zafar delivered the keynote address on hi-tech treatment in low resource settings and DrRaheelSikander spoke about experiences with the challenging cases of infertility especially in overpopulated countries.


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