Jordan approves meat import from Pakistan: Dawood


Jordan has approved the import of bovine, sheep, goat, and camel meat from three Pakistani slaughterhouses.

Adviser to the PM on Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood announced this in a tweet on Thursday, saying: “MOC (Ministry of Commerce) is glad to inform that Jordan has notified three of Pakistan’s slaughterhouses for export for bovine, sheep, goat & camel meat to Jordan.”

The three slaughterhouses include Tata Best Food Limited, The Organic Meat Company Limited, and Tazij Meat and Food.

“I would like to urge our exporters to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this non-traditional market for meat and to seek other sectors like potato, mango, kinnows, and onions to diversify exports from Pakistan,” the commerce adviser added.

Pakistan exported a record 95,991 tonnes, worth $333 million, of meat and meat preparations in the fiscal year 2020-2021 compared to 83,749 tonnes, worth $304 million, in the prior fiscal year.

In April, the Organic Meat Company Limited won approval from Chinese regulators for the export of heat-treated beef. Similarly, Malaysia granted export approval to Fauji Meat Limited in June.

Pakistan’s meat sector has witnessed slow but steady growth over the past decade, as producers attempt to comply with international food and hygiene standards by investing in advanced machinery and modern practices.

The country’s meat exports include raw and frozen beef, mutton, lamb, and chicken. The export of by-products includes casing, bones, horns and hooves, and gelatin.

These exports are largely directed to Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain. However, exports to countries such as Hong Kong, Maldives, and Vietnam are also increasing. —TLTP

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