JKPNA opposes proposed 14th amendment in AJK’s interim constitution 1974


Altaf Hamid Rao.

Mirpur (Ajk)

The Jammu & Kashmir Peoples National Alliance (JKPNA) Chairman Zulfiqar Ahmed Raja Advocate here on Friday strongly apposed the proposed 14th amendment in the Interim constitution 1974 of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
Talking to media here on Friday, Raja, also a renowned legal expert and former President of District Bar Association Mirpur, that the Interim constitution 1974 of Azad Jammu & Kashmir was formally named and announced through the 13th amendment in the constitution in year 2018 through the transfer of the due powers to the AJK government by the government of Pakistan.
Zulfiqar Ahmed Raja Advocate continued as saying that the pressure tactics were afoot to get 14th amendment introduced in the interim constitution 1974 of AJK primarily for, what he alleged, the withdrawal of the given powers from the AJK government besides finishing the world “State” in the constitution, he blamed.
“We strongly condemn this hostile reported initiative of introducing the 14th amendment in the interim constitution of AJK”, the JKPNA chief said strongly suggesting to the law minister of Pakistan to refrain from initiating any such action as contradictory to the basis spirit of the United Nations resolutions of the core issue of Jammu & Kashmir, he added. He said “the federal law minister should take care of the gravity of the prevailing regional situation of the Jammu & Kashmir state especially in the back-drop of the August 5, last year, sinister, unilateral Indian nefarious action of abrogating article 370 of the Indian constitution to scrap special status of the internationally-acknowledged disputed Indian occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir”.
Zulfiqar Ahmed Raja Advocate maintained as saying ‘’the governments of India and Pakistan can not skip off their due global responsibilities viz a viz Jammu & Kashmir struggle for freedom, by devising and promulgating the ordinances”, he added.
Elaborating his view point by categorically condemning and opposing the arrival of the expected 14th amendment, comprising 10-page document of proposals in the AJK interim constitution, the JKPNA Chairman alleged that an attempt was once again being made to revive the most infamous forum – the Azad Jammu Kashmir Council by raising its seats to 65 and shifting back the powers from the AJK government to the AJK Council, which, he alleged, had been involved in the financial ill-discipline of billions of rupees in the past.
The ex President Mirpur DBA made it clear as saying “ the people of Azad Jammu Kashmir categorically reject and condemn the reported proposed restrictions and sanctions to be imposed upon the people of the State through bringing about the proposed 14th amendment in the interim constitution 1974 of AJK, he added. “Every such nefarious move or the part of international conspiracy as against the basic spirit and veracity of the Kashmiris internationally-acknowledged birth right of self determination committed through the UN resolutions, would be strongly opposed and frustrated with full vigor”, the JKPNA Supremo said.
Raja maintained as saying “being a seasoned legal expert with high qualification of the Barrister at law, the law minister of Pakistan Barister Farogh Naseem is much well aware of the needs of securing the freedom of nations s mentioned in the charter of the United Nations, he is well aware of the significance of due right of freedom of the people of Jammu & Kashmir for which they were struggling for the last 73 years for the liberation of the homeland from long Indian colonial rule and complete independence and sovereignty of the State”, he added.
He concluded as saying “all concerned should refrain from introducing, what he asserted, the irrelevant, unwanted and uncalled for 14th amendment in the AJK constitution 1974, in the larger interests of the Kashmir issue, UN resolutions on Kashmir and the people of Jammu & Kashmir living either side of the line of control (LoC) and rest of the world.