Jirga directs transfer of line dept from Wana to S Waziristan

Adam Khan Wazir

In the tribal district of South Waziristan Wana, a “Loyya Jirga”/ Grand Jirga was arranged regarding the transfer of all line departments from Tank District to their own district South Waziristan under the shadow of Pakistan People’s Party in Wana.

Local leaders of all political parties in “Loya Jirga”/Grand Jirga newly elected VC, NC chairmen, councillors, social workers and people belonging to different communities participated.

People’s Party President Amanullah, Imran Mukhlis, ANP Muhammad Ayaz, Malik Musa Jan, Malik Gul Muhammad, Malik Dilawar Khan and Tehsil Chairman Maulana Muhammad Saleh Wazir addressed the “Loya Jirga”/Grand Jirga. President Aman Ullah said that case number 6057_2019 is pending in the Peshawar High Court, therefore, all the offices of South Waziristan should be shifted from District Tank to Wana. All the speakers on this occasion said that the erstwhile FATA was known as Landless Land for the past 70 years, where the black laws of the British era, the Frontier Crimes Regulation, were in force. Under which the people of erstwhile FATA did not have the right to appeal, argument and lawyer, while for the past several decades, this backward region has become engulfed in international conspiracies and terrorism.

Majority of the population of Ex FATA had to be IDPs & TDPs in 2018 expressing the aspirations of the people of erstwhile Ex FATA, their long-standing desire was merged into Pakhtunkhwa through the 25th Amendment Constitution and given not only the right to appeal, counsel, lawyer and argument.

Rather, a notification was also issued to shift the offices of FATA from the planned areas to the newly merged districts But the district administration of South Waziristan is still reluctant to implement this notification.

They said that the tribal district of South Waziristan is one of the unfortunate district, whose judiciary including all the line departments is located in another district of Tank, 120 km away from the district of South Waziristan.

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