JI urges govt to introduce election reforms


Staff Reporter


Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has urged the government and opposition to sit together to introduce election reforms in the country. Addressing a five-day training workshop of the JI workers at Mansoora on Saturday, the political parties came with the proofs of rigging after every election which put question mark on the mandate of the ruling party.
Protest demonstrations and lengthy litigation against the rigging were become a norm in the country, he said. Therefore, he added, election reforms should be on the top agenda of the political parties to get rid of this norm in future. He said a powerful, impartial and independent election commission should be formed with the consultation of all political parties. He said no one could deny the role of establishment in the formation of present and previous government. There was a need to end the role of establishment in the next polls, he said.
Siraj said only rich and elite class could contest election in the country and there was an urged need to end this practice.

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