Jan 5 UN Kashmir mandate needs implementation: Attique


SardarAttique Ahmed Khan president Muslim Conference has appealed to the 23 million people of Jammu and Kashmir world over and in south Asia to demonstrate full solidarity in observing Kashmiris Right to Self-determination Day on Jan 5, 2023 as it was on this day, 75 years ago, that UN Security Council had approved Kashmir dispute solution via an international plebiscite in J&K; that mode of solution was duly accepted/signed both by Pakistan and India as parties to the dispute before UN arbitrating body. The proposed mode of Kashmir settlement has the support of the world community being member of the UNO, he reminded.

In his statement Tuesday he warned that ongoing anti-Kashmir and anti-Kashmiris diabolic measures being forced by occupying Indian military and paramilitary to distort the cultural identity of Kashmir and to bring about demographic surgery to down the Muslim population of J&K are bound to fail as all such operations are against the UN Security Council’s Kashmir dispute resolutions; there are four parties to this dispute – UNO, Pakistan, India and 23 million Kashmiris; all four should sit together to chalk out implementation plan on UN’s Kashmir solution rulings; all Kashmiri political, social, religious segments shall fully cooperate should such a measure is mounted either by UN itself or by any world power for the sake of lasting peace.