Jamaat-e-Islami to take out Save Education March



Jamaat e Islami (JI) Karachi chief Engr Hafiz NaeemurRehman on Wednesday warned the Sindh government against continue schools closure and threatened to take out Save Education March if the closure is extended beyond August 30.

The JI leader expressed these views while addressing a moot of representatives from private school systems and their organizations.

Representatives from students belonging to colleges and universities both from private and public sector as well as representatives from teachers bodies also attended the moot.

EngrNaeem assured the moot that the JI will take all available measures against the PPP government’s anti-education policy.

He said that if needed, the JI will approach the judiciary against the PPP government over its measures against education.


He said that it was quite illogical to hold schools responsible for vaccination of parents and others.

He demanded of the government to abolish such type of conditions.He also lambasted the K-Electric for withdrawing the concession it had been granting to schools in the past.

EngrNaeem further said that all  sectors other than education have been opened. He raised the question that under which logic, schools are closed when markets are open.

As far as vaccination is concerned, he said, 97 percent teachers and other school staffers in Karachi have been vaccinated while 93 percent in other parts of the province have been vaccinated.

In this scenario, the provincial government has decided to keep schools closed which is evident on the PPP’s interest in the education sector.

He further said that doubts are raised on intentions of the government when it allows political activities, businesses, every other activity but restricts the education sector.

Pervez Haroon of Private Schools Action Committee, All Private Schools Development Organization Chairman Sardar Malik, Hanif Siddiqui from the Alliance of Private Schools Sindh, Abdul  Hameed Arif of Tanzeem e Asataza, Faiz Ahmed Faiz from NAFA and a large number of JI leaders as well as representatives from various schools and bodies expressed their views at the meeting.

All the stakeholders urged the JI leadership to play a leading role in this movement for education from the sake of upcoming generations.

They supported the idea of save education march and assured the JI leadership of their full cooperation.


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