Jam Kamal bows out



BALOCHISTAN Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani had to resign ultimately in the face of a no-confidence motion tabled by a disgruntled group comprising members of his own Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) and allies that had been demanding him to resign.

In a tweet, Alyani said he had given his utmost time and energy for Baluchistan’s governance and development despite many deliberate political hindrances.

His resignation brings to an end the political crisis which began about two months back and witnessed sharp differences among his party members who accused him of not taking them on board in running the affairs of the Government.

Alyani has resigned to avoid the embarrassment he would have to face in the event of voting on the no-confidence motion and his decision has ended the tug-of-war among BAP members.

However, all this is in continuation of the sad history of the province where no Chief Minister except Jam Yousaf (father of Jam Kamal) could complete his term.

This is symptomatic of deep political trouble in the province, which is badly affecting the process of progress and development as unstable governments are unable to carry out much-needed reforms to improve governance and resolve problems of the masses.

This is a sorry state of affairs as Balochistan is the largest province of the country having strategic importance because of a number of factors.

The province has rich mineral resources and the successive governments offered hefty development packages but despite all this it remains backward because of massive corruption and self-centred leadership.

Political differences apart but Jam Kamal deserved credit for taking measures to improve educational and health facilities in different parts of the province.

His unceremonious exit shows Balochistan would continue to suffer at the hands of time-servers who keep on changing loyalties for personal benefits and interests and that too at the cost of welfare of those who sent them to the assemblies to represent them and resolve their problems.

It is time to encourage major parties to gain a foothold in the province so that a strong and stable Government is formed capable of tackling the challenges that may become insurmountable if left unattended.

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