IWMB teams to patrol for leopard awareness


The Islamabad WildThe Islamabad Wildlife Management board (IWMB) has formed special teams to patrol Margalla Hills National Park during winter season for raising public awareness to prevent leopard encounters as the wildcats have increased their movement due to thriving habitat.

The IWMB spokesperson informed on Tuesday that after receiving technical support from the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, the teams would perform round the clock patrol duties.

He added that the decision was made in view of the presence of leopards in the nation park and special teams were made for patrolling.

The patrolling staff also known as park rangers would provide awareness and education related to the leopard among the local population during patrols.

He informed that the permits for patrolling of the bikes alongwith the installation of emergency lights, and police siren were provided by the district administration. The main patrolling area of the park rangers would be Saidpur and Gokina Villages where the leopards were recently spotted close to the human settlements.

The teams would be tasked with regular announcements in the mosques for mass awareness on the standard operating procedures developed by the IWMB that would help an individual to safely avoid an encounter with a leopard.

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