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President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmad Shah on Thursday said that women’s day is not a topic of a day or a week, there is a need for a serious discussion on this issue. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Auditorium II of Arts Council regarding the 4th Women’s Conference in Karachi along with Anees Haroon and Noor ul Huda Shah.

He said that it is not that women have fought less, in our conference, there are sessions on the women who have played a role in bringing society to this point. Unless men and women work together, the house cannot run, he observed.

He said that women have a thirty-five per cent quota in jobs in Malaysia and women get jobs close to their homes, besides, their office hours are such that they go home for three hours and do their work.

He said that how can the economy improve by keeping half the population at home? 85 per cent of girls are becoming doctors in medicine and women are driving trucks in Thar, women are more powerful than men in every way.

Anees Haroon said that if a country’s 50 per cent of the population is women, so we see a large number of them in college and university as they tend to study more, they are advancing in the field they are entering, if women are not given opportunities to work, development is not possible. We have to sacrifice to reach this level to be a father. While giving a briefing, Noor ul Huda Shah said that the main reason for the decline of the society is that the way of women is being blocked. When it comes to their rights, the reference of religion is given.

She said that the purpose of this conference is to work for mental awareness. There will be so much destruction, the state will have to take responsibility for the protection of today’s girls, he said. Fathers, brothers and husbands should all participate in the conference, the world has come a long way and we are going back a long way. The two-day Fourth Women’s Conference will be inaugurated on March 10 at the Arts Council.