ITP personnel directed to adopt courteous attitude towards citizens

City Reporter

Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Syed Karar Hussain has directed all personnel of Islamabad Traffic Police to adopt courteous attitude with citizens and road users as decent behavior is key to successful policing.

Following directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman, a session presided over by ASP Ayesha Gul was held at traffic headquarters with an aim to brief policemen about steps to ensure effective policing. The session was attended by DSPs and traffic policemen of all four zones.

ASP Ayesha Gul stressed the need to improve the performance of ITP and informed about directions of IGP Islamabad and SSP in this regard.

SSP Syed Karar Hussain directed to follow operational codes of the force including equal implementation of law, polite attitude and ensure immediate help to the road users in case of any problem to them.

He said that indecent attitude with citizens cannot be tolerated and strict disciplinary action would be ensured against those involved in rubbish attitude.

ITP is the model police force and its functioning would be further improved as per vision of IGP Islamabad, he added.

The SSP said discipline in any force is crucial for its success and it ensures respects among the citizens.

He directed the ITP personnel to ensure decent attitude while interacting with citizens as good image is key to success of any force.

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