Italian Cuisine Week aims to promote Made in Italy



The Consulate of Italy in Karachi hosted a press conference for introducing traveling chefs Mr. Samuele Crestale and Mr. Antonino Fracchiolla for 6th Edition of Italian Cuisine Week that is being held at Avari Tower, Karachi from 22nd Nov till 28th Nov 2021.

Danilo Giurdanella welcomed members of press fraternity (which included members from social media, print-media and electronic-media). Elaborating about this event, The Consul of Italy in Karachi, Mr. Giurdanella said; “these type of events are organized all the world with sole aim to promote the tagline MADE IN ITALY”.

The tagline MADE IN ITALY is synonymous perfection and excellence. This Italian Week aims at the promotion of the Mediterranean diet as a balanced diet model and as a healthy dietary lifestyle.

The Italian Consul thanked all collaborators and sponsors for this year’s 6th Italian Cuisine Week. He specifically named Gerry’s Group, Emirates, Avari Towers, Casinetto by ROC, HBL and Italian Development Committee (IDC) for their support and collaboration to make the cuisine week a success.

Visiting Italian Chef Samuele Crestale talked about sustainable food and Italian cuisine while the cheese expert, Mr. Antonio Fracchiolla showcased Italian artisanal cheese with Protection for Designation of Origin (PDO) trademarks followed by cheese tasting for the press.

The press conference was organized to mark the inauguration of Italian Food Festival at Avari for people of Karachi to enjoy Italian mouthwatering cuisine by Chef Samuele Crestale.

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