It has hurt me


This is apropos of letter “It has hurt me” by Abdul Samad Samo published on 17th August, 2019. In the afore-mentioned letter it was claimed by the writer that his letter “Kashmir and the western media” on 15th August 2019 had been published with my name erroneously. In this respect, I would like to acknowledge the truth that the content was not at all composed by me. My letter “Kashmir under threat!” was published on 14th of August, 2019.
“To err is human” is a fact and we all are prone to committing errors. But I highly appreciate you Sir, the meritorious editor, for publishing the clarification letter of the concerned writer. This act displays that you acknowledge the mistake and value your regular writers. I would request you to republish the letters with the actual name of the writer so that the credit of content is given to who it belongs.

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