IT can help country achieve economic revival: Sarwar

Our Correspondent

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that Information Tech-nology (IT) is one of the most potential segments of economy which can help the country achieve eco-nomic revival by repaying the foreign loans, in col-laboration with the local NGOs like Saylani Welfare Trust.

He was addressing the pre-enrollment pro-gramme of software developers, arranged by Say-lani Welfare Trust at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) on Sunday.

He said the IT was one of the easiest ways to earn foreign exchange, in addition to enabling our youth to start their own businesses, instead of run-ning after jobs.

He underlined the basic philosophy of Islamic welfare state and said that the government alone could not achieve the herculean task and the gov-ernment would support the well reputed and dedi-cated NGOs to join hands with the government to transform the country into a true welfare state.

He termed Saylani Welfare Trust a role model for other organisations and said that Karachi re-corded heavy downpour and he arranged funds of Rs 1 billion and visited Karachi to help the affected families.

However, he was surprised to see that Say-lani Welfare was already undertaking activities in a well organised and planned manner.

The governor said that during corona, when a large number of daily-wage earners were rendered jobless, the government distributed Rs 170 billion among the affected families with sustenance allow-ance of Rs12,000 per family.

During the same pe-riod, the NGOs also remained at the forefront and provided ration to two million families. He said that government was trying to help out the poor and a programme had also been lunched like ‘Koi Bhoka Na Soey’.

However, to achieve its ultimate objectives, we must collaborate on our efforts, he added. He said that he was the first Mus-lim who was elected as a member of the parliament in the UK and he took oath on the holy Quran.

About GSP+ status, he said at that time many countries were opposing Pakistan, but he visited a number of countries and convinced 200 leaders to vote for Pakistan. He said that as a result of GSP Plus status, Pakistan had so far earned benefit of $24 billion.

He said that India was now trying to deprive Pakistan of this status, but we would foil its nefarious designs.

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