Israel goes berserk



THERE is no end to the Israeli tyranny and oppression against the innocent Palestinians.

Since the beginning of holy month of Ramadan, the intensity of its persecution has further increased – something which should ring alarm bells at important capitals and they should use their influence on the Jewish state to move towards the just settlement of this lingering conflict.

The very worship places of Palestinians are not safe and one saw its manifestation the other day when Israeli police stormed and desecrated Al-Aqsa mosque in occupied East Jerusalem. This left hundreds of Palestinians injured including their children.

The very racist and colonial mindset of Israel is also visible as it is endlessly encroaching on the rights of Palestinians. Israelis are building illegal settlements in occupied territories.

As this was not enough, now hundreds of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem are facing eviction from homes that have belonged to them for generations.

It is a prime example of Israel’s brutal occupation and ethnic cleansing policies. Also in Israeli apartheid courts, there is no justice for Palestinians.

Jewish government is doing its best to make life for Palestinians a misery and a constant struggle.

Regardless of all this brutality, the Palestinians have put up a strong resistance for their basic rights and get an independent state.

There have been worldwide condemnation of recent Israeli actions but this is not enough to heal the wounds of oppressed Palestinian people.

The world community, especially the western countries which never get tired of blowing the trumpet of protection of fundamental human rights must take practical steps to save the Palestinians from the cruel clutches of Israel. The OIC should speak with one voice in support of their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Greater responsibility rests with the US to use its influence on Israel to stop the current persecution and create such an environment where dialogue could be held.

Two state solution with Al-Quds Al Sharif as the capital of independent and contiguous Palestinian state is the only viable option to restore durable peace in the Middle East.