Israel confesses terrorism by celebrating Palestinians martyrdom: Aleem

Staff Reporter

Punjab Senior and Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan on Wednesday termed the atrocities against unarmed and innocent Palestinians intolerable and an open war against humanity.

In his message to express solidarity with Palestinian brethren, Abdul Aleem Khan said that Israeli forces by celebrating the Palestinians martyrdom has in fact acknowledged its terrorism and it is time for the international community to take immediate notice of Israel’s unjustified actions and recognize the right of Palestinians to freedom.

The Punjab senior minister in a tweet in support of the Palestinian brethren said that those who shoot innocent children and unarmed girls do not deserve any concessions as such inhumane atrocities in the 21st century cannot be imagined in which civilians and elderly persons could be killed without any justification.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that the inhumane acts of the propagandists of Zionism have come to light but Muslims all over the world will continue to raise their voice for the liberation of Palestine.

In Sha Allah the people there will get their birthright of independence and Palestine will be liberated as Israel will have to relinquish this domination, Abdul Aleem Khan expressed his hope.

The Punjab senior minister further said that such terror against the Muslim population during the holy days of Ramazan and the bombing is reprehensible in every way, against which Prime Minister Imran Khan has also taken a clear and unequivocal stand and assured full support to the Palestinian brethren.


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