Israel approves construction of 3,365 settlement units since beginning of 2022


The Israeli municipality in Jerusalem has approved the construction of 3,365 settlement units east of the city since the beginning of 2022, according to a review by Anadolu Agency.

The approvals were conducted by the Jerusalem Local Planning and Building Committee but imple-mentation requires approval from the Israeli Plan-ning Administration of the Israeli Ministry of Inte-rior.

The ratifications came within the framework of four settlement plans which included the establish-ment of hundreds of small rooms as well as the expansion of the Hadassah Medical Center which is built on the Palestinian town of Isawiya.

The Jerusalem municipality said in a statement on Jan. 10 that “the local Planning and building committee approved the deposit of three new build-ing plans in Mount Scopus.”

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The settlement plans come in the context of ex-panding the French Hill settlement built on Isawiya lands. The municipality said on Jan. 9 that it “rec-ommended the district committee to approve the construction of 1,465 settlement units between the settlements of Har Homa and Givat HaMatos, west of the Palestinian town of Sur Baher for the scheme of the Lower Canal south of East Jerusalem.”

The statement said the project “will be imple-mented within the framework of a 28-story tower and 11 residential complexes between 7 and 11 floors.”

In early February, the Kol Ha’ir Hebrew news-paper said “the Israel Planning Administration ap-proved the construction of 400 housing units in the Gilo settlement in Jerusalem.” It pointed out that the project “will be imple-mented on a land area of three acres.—AFP

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