Ismail Industries extends relationship with SAP for digital transformation


Ismail Industries Limited, one of the major Pakistani confectionery and snack food manufacturers, has signed up a roadmap contract with SAP for the digitization of business functions across all its operations.

SAP has successfully provided a holistic solution to one of the largest manufacturers in Pakistan to improve its core system and move to the cloud.

Ismail industries is a family-run business and required a massive investment to meet the challenges of complete digitization.

Although Ismail Industries is an existing customer of SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), this new agreement intends to assist Ismail Industries in their expansion plans to reach global markets in the UAE and Europe. The transformation will provide ease in terms of data gathering and real-time reporting in six diverse businesses that Ismail Industries operates.

SAP has provided various solutions, enabling the manufacturer to move to strategic procurement and improve its supply chain and human capital management.

“This digital transformation initiative will take Ismail Industries to new heights. As leaders in our industry, we have been relying on the SAP software for quite some time, and now we look forward to adopting SAP’s latest technologies to be able to take the quality products, that our customers have come to love and trust, to other international markets” said Hamid Ismail, Director Ismail Industries Ltd, CEO Bisconni, SnackCity, and Ismail Global Trading LLC.