Islamic Emirate to consult Ulema on govt affairs


The Islamic Emirate is to hold a meeting with the Is-lamic Ulema to consult on how to manage the govern-ment in the country.

Talking at a press conference on Sunday in Kabul, the spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that some diversity of thinking is needed on some issues.

In addition to discussing sev-eral issues, Mujahid said the Ulema would share their opin-ions regarding women’s rights with the government.

“We need to adjust some government issues with the Islamic values, and therefore the Islamic Ulema will share their views on controversial issues, including women’s rights with the government, so we can run the government affairs based on their deci-sion,” he said.

Civil activists and specifically women’s rights activists ex-pect the meeting to yield good results on women’s access to work and education.

They stressed that female Is-lamic scholars should also be invited to the meeting.

“If the decision of the meeting is not in the interest of the people, especially women, then it will not only fail to solve the problems but will intensify the crisis,” said Armaghan Malikzada, a women’s rights activist.

“Women activists and female Islamic scholars must be in-vited to this meeting because they can cover the issues re-lated to women in a better way,” said Yaqobi.

Political analysts believe that holding such meetings is im-portant considering the cur-rent situation of Afghanistan.

“The main problems of Af-ghanistan are not religious is-sues. The problems are politi-cal and governance issues and they cannot be solved only with consultations with the Islamic Ulema. To counter the crisis in the country, there should be consultations with various sides,” said Javid Sangdel, an international rela-tions analyst.

The Islamic Emirate is ac-cused by the international community of violating human rights, women’s rights, the rights of minorities and of forming a non-inclusive gov-ernment.

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