Islamic Emirate pledges safety for returning Afghans



The head of the commission of “Return and Communications with Former Afghan Officials and Political Figures,” Shohabuddin Delawar, said the Islamic Emirate would provide safety for the lives and property of the former government officials who return to the country, and their legitimate demands would be accepted.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Shuhabuddin Delawar, who is also the acting Minister of Mine and Petroleum, said the leader of the Islamic Emirate has granted general amnesty to those who had been “involved in the war for 20 years.”

Asked about the meeting held among Afghan politicians, Delawar said that “our message to all Afghans is that this is their country and they can return to this country and use the leverage. We don’t have a special decision for them. And that meeting was not beneficial: just some individuals gathered and raised their voice.”

The commission issued a workplan comprised of 15 principles. The politicians who plan to return to the country will be provided with some sort of documents to guarantee their safety.

Speaking at the same conference, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the commission was established to make contact with the Afghan politicians.

“This commission collects full information about the military and political officials and notes their location– those who left the country before or after the changes, due to not feeling safe and who are opposing the Islamic Emirate,” said Ahmadullah Wassiq, a spokesman for the commission of the “Return and Communications with Former Afghan Officials and Political Figures”.

In response to the question whether the political figures who return to the country will be allowed to carry on political activities, the acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, said: “When they come, their security, and safety of their property and their dignity as well as their return to a normal life and other issues will take place.”

He also denied that there have been any negotiations with the former president Ashraf Ghani.

This comes as more than 40 political figures and leaders in a meeting called for negotiations as a solution for the current crisis in the country but also warned of military actions against the Islamic Emirate.—Agencies


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