Islamabad’s teaching community bids farewell to two senior colleagues

Zubair Qureshi

Teaching and non-teaching staff of the federal government colleges on Sunday organized a farewell ceremony in honor of two teachers of high standing senior professors, Dr Mufti Mehboobullah and Prof Istikhar Ahmed. Prof Dr Mehboobullah retired as the Head of the Department of Arabic at Islamabad Model College for Boys H-9 whereas Prof Istikhar Ahmed retired as Assistant Professor of Commerce at the Islamabad Model Postgraduate College of Commerce H-8/4. Both the teachers served in their respective colleges for about 35 years. The staff and colleagues garlanded the two respected teachers and held that they would miss them for a long time due to their qualities of head and heart.

The farewell ceremony was attended by the serving and the retired teachers and senior faculty members of the FG colleges.

The teachers while eulogizing the services of both the retiring professors, said that both the retired professors had rendered their services with honesty and dedication.

They worked with great dedication, commitment and seniority and always upheld higher standards of education and teaching methodology.

Prof Istikhar Ahmed and Prof Dr Mufti Mehboobullah thanked the teachers and the staff for arranging a farewell and wished them well and hoped that the tradition of farewell ceremony would continue in future.