Islamabad police to appoint `students’ internees’


Islamabad police have decided to appoint `students internees’ to enhance police liaison with the public and address the grievances of people on a prompt basis.

The decision to this effect has been taken by Inspec-tor General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman as this step would help to resolve the com-plaints of people with police on an immediate basis.

These internees would be appointed at all police stations of Islamabad and competent students will be picked for the purpose. They would observe the police attitude with the public and highlight the flaws in such interactions.

A report would be compiled daily by these internees on daily basis and to be forwarded to the Central Police Office. A board comprising of senior police officials would review this report and finalize rec-ommendations to improve the policing system be-sides ensuring implementation on them.

This step is aimed to improve police culture at the level of police stations and remove hurdles for en-hancing liaison with the police.

The IGP Qazi Jamil ur Rehman said that this initiative would promote modern policing and internees to serve as a bridge between police and the public.

He said such internees would help to inculcate friendly police ecology and provide immediate re-lief to the complainants at police stations. An im-portant task is being assigned to the young students, the IGP said and hoped that they would accomplish it in a responsible manner.

He said that Islamabad police are being equipped on modern lines and more steps would be taken for the purpose.

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