Islamabad on high alert as IK calls protest on Nov 26


Police to use body cam to record PTI long march

The Islamabad administration issued a high alert regarding the call of Imran Khan for protest in the federal capital on November 26.

A letter was also issued to all the departments concerned for a special plan regarding the protest. In the letter, MCI Care 1122 was directed to remain alert on the instructions of the administration.

The officers concerned were ordered to keep their mobile phones on round the clock during the long march. Responsibilities were assigned to the paramedical staff and other officials too.The Security and Transport Section was also directed to implement the special plan for the long march. The duty roster of all the staff concerned was also released. Ambulances and the staff concerned were deployed at three emergency response centres in the city. They will remain alert in Sector G-6, E-7 and Golra Center.

During the long march, four senior officers will be deployed on the long march duty.The deputy director and the security supervisor were ordered to be present on duty. The transport foreman and the medical store officer were also ordered to be present on duty. The gates of the emergency staff centers will be kept locked during the PTI protest. The entry of unrelated persons to the Emergency Response Centre will be restricted. All the staff and officers concerned were ordered to keep in touch with the control room. They were also ordered to follow the instructions in the letter at all costs, or a stern action will be taken against them otherwise.

Moreover, with the long march of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) final date just round the corner, the Islamabad police have decided to equip personnel deployed at entry points of the capital with body cameras to ensure accountability during the protest.

In a pre-emptive measure, the police also decided to deploy officials at the entry points and strategic locations in the federal capital. In case the protesters tried to attack the police officials or destroy public property during the long march, the audio and video recordings from these cameras will be used to identify and nab the culprits.

This is not the first time that the police have decided to use body cameras for the sake of transparency. During the tenure of the PTI government, the police had decided to equip officials at check posts with body cameras after complaints of misbehaviour and extortion.


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