Islamabad gets first-ever sanctuary for stray dogs

City Reporter

Dr Inam Abdul Ghani, a volunteer from Islamabad, has come forward to provide shelter and medical care to stray dogs as a ban has been imposed on their culling by the city managers, recently.

He has set up the first-ever sanctuary for stray dogs in Chontra village, located in outskirts of the federal capital, to provide them care and shelter.

Giving details about the initiative, Dr Ghani told the media on Monday that earlier, such facilities were only existed in Karachi and Lahore, but now Islamabad also had a set-up, which was one of its kind.

Explaining his human-canine bonding, the volunteer said he was providing care to stray dogs for the last 15 years as he had great association with them since his childhood.

He said initially, he used to bring ill stray dogs to his home for providing medical treatment and shelter, but later on, “I felt that there is need to set up a dedicated facility for such animal and then I decided to open a shelter for them.”

Dr Ghani added that he established the first shelter in Rawat some four years ago to rehabilitate the reported stray animals.

To a query, he said so far, 50 adult dogs and 20 puppies were given shelter at the facility, established in Islamabad.