Islam is religion of tolerance, humanitarianism: Prof Zakria


Vice Chancellor University of Okara, Prof Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar has said that Islam is a religion of tolerance, humanitarianism and the Muslims across the world should work to present the real soft face of the religion through their characters and actions.

He was presiding over a seminar on Islamophobia organized by the Department of Islamic Studies University of Okara on Monday.

During seminar, the speakers discussed the rising tendency of anti-Islam sentiments in the western world and provided solutions to spread the message of humanity and love for all.

The In-Charge, Department of Islamic Studies, Dr Abdul Ghaffar, traced the history of Islamophobia and said that this phenomenon had been overtly or covertly been into the western societies since 1990s.

Dr Alam Khan from the Gumsani University Turkey told that Islamophobia triggered certain events of heinous violence and genocide against the Muslims living in the western countries.

Dr Hammad Lakhvi from University of the Punjab was of the view that the term of Islamophobia came into limelight after the 9/11.

Dr Zaid Lakhvi from the UO told that Islamophobia was spreading widely in the western societies which were continuously trying to defame and defile Islam and the Muslims. Dr Zahid Bilal, In-Charge Department of Communication Studies at the UO, discussed the role of media in countering Islamophobia.—INP

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