ISI safeguarding national interests


THE entire nation is proud of the services rendered by premier intelligence agency ISI for the defence and protecting national interests of the country.

Our enemies always try to stoke instability in Pakistan but it is the unsung heroes of ISI that through their sheer professionalism and hard work foil their sordid designs.

An intelligence agency essentially works like a nervous system in any nation’s defence set-up, which is responsible for feeding vital information to law enforcement agencies and armed forces about possible threats to national security.

These agencies gather information by various means, including espionage, signal gathering or intercepting, cryptanalysis and various other methods.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that the ISI has always fulfilled its responsibilities in the best national interest and is now widely recognized as one of the best intelligence agencies in the world.

Behind the robustness of the ISI indeed is the brain of all those who were entrusted the responsibility to head this hat we will call ‘the strategic asset’.

We are confident that the new ISI Chief Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum will spare no effort to further strengthen the country’s top intelligence agency to meet with the multidimensional challenges.

The situation evolving on the western border indeed requires our continued attention as any deterioration of situation in Afghanistan will also affect us.

Prime Minister Imran Khan along with Federal Ministers and the Chief of Army Staff visited ISI on Wednesday where they were briefed about national security and regional dynamics with focus on the prevailing situation in Afghanistan.

The way Pakistan played its role for peace and stability in Afghanistan is now recognized worldwide.

Most recently, we hosted an extra-ordinary session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers which came up with a comprehensive plan to help out the Afghans in these most difficult times.

Whilst the Afghans really need immediate humanitarian assistance, for which the world should come forward, the threat of terrorism from Afghanistan is not yet diminished.

The issue of fencing along Pak-Afghan border should be sorted out with the new Afghan set-up.

The whole world recognizes Pak-Afghan border as an international border and the fencing along it will go a long way in checking illegal movement and protect the people on both sides of the border.


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