Irfan Siddiqui: Imran wants courts to become his facilitator


After losing public support and failure of the ‘HaqeeqiAzadi March” Imran Khan once again wants to try the same strategy as he tried back in 2017.

After a failed four-month sit-in, he could not achieve his targets and started the same campaign after so called Panama Leaks. He approached the judiciary and his aspirations were fulfilled. Today, once again he wants to use the judiciary for his ulterior motives.”

These views were expressed by PML-N Senator IrfanSiddiqui while talking to a private TV channel. He said that the infamous 2014 sit-ins were planned in London. Which failed miserably,

He reinitiated his goal in 2017. At that time a foreign magazine had reported that after Khan’s agitation, the Supreme Court would be mobilized and Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif would be sent packing under the guise of Panama Papers. JavedHashmi had also left PTI after exposing this conspiracy. Senator IrfanSiddiqui said that then a senior judge of the Supreme Court had asked Khan Sahib to approach the court. His petition, which was declared firivolous by the court itself was taken up. Now, five years later, after a unsuccessful march, he has once again started correspondence with the Supreme Court. He is demanding the same role from the court like that of five years ago, the heavy price of which Pakistan is still paying.

He openly insulted the verdict of the court on the “HaqeeqiAzadi March” but no action was taken.This has encouraged his mischievous mentality. He wants the courts, to act as a facilitator, to bind the hands and feet of the government and give him free rein to create chaos and rioting. Senator IrfanSiddiqui expressed confidence that the court would give priority to its constitutional role and credibility over the wishes of a person prone to mischives.