Iraq takes back 100 Daesh fighters


Iraqi authorities Wednesday repatriated 100 Iraqi fighters from the Daesh group who were being held by Kurdish forces in northeast Syria, a senior Iraqi security official said.

“This morning we collected 100 terrorists” held by the Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters in Syria, General Abdul Amir Al-Shammari told AFP.

The militants “have been handed over to the intelligence services for questioning,” said Shammari, deputy commander of Joint Operations which coordinates between Iraqi security forces and the international anti-militant coalition.

The SDF alliance has led the anti-Daesh fight with the support of a coalition led by Washington.

It previously handed over about 100 Iraqi Daesh fighters to Baghdad in February and again in September, according to Iraqi security sources.

The Syrian Kurdish administration, which controls large swathes of northeast Syria, has at times been reluctant to communicate on issues related to Daesh fighters or their families held by Kurdish forces in prisons or camps in Syria.–AFP

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