Iranian CG for tapping true potential of bilateral trade



The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Iranian Consulate in Karachi have stressed on increased interaction at government and private sector level to boost bilateral trade to the real potential for the good of the two Muslim neighbour nations.

During his visit to FPCCI here, Iranian Consul General Hassan Nourian, who was accompanied by Third Consul for Economic Affairs Mahdi Amir Jafari to FPCCI, said the formal trade between the two countries stood only at one billion dollars which was too low, whereas combined population of Pakistan and Iran was 300 million.

There might be informal trade along the lines but the two countries must work in tandem to progressively increase the bilateral trade on a sustainable basis, said FPCCI statement here on Tuesday.

Hassan Nourian emphasized the quality of Iranian products was of world-class and Iranian industry bought their plants mostly from the best manufacturers.

He also appreciated the willingness of Pakistani Embassy in Iran for supporting enhancement of the bilateral trade.

He pointed out that there was still huge untapped potential for Pakistani fruits in Iran particularly various varieties of mango.

Iranian Consul General also emphasized that petrochemical industry was very advanced in Iran technologically and could greatly help Pakistan with their foreign exchange strains.

President FPCCI Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo said FPCCI was very keen to enhance bilateral trade between the two countries and for that matter removal of the bottlenecks was warranted namely lack of banking and financial channels, absence of barter-trade agreements or mechanisms at governmental level and unfair geopolitical pressures.

He emphasized that the central banks of the two countries and the apex chambers of commerce and industry required to come closer and that consultative processes be started immediately at various levels through webinars.


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