Investors claim previous govt owes ‘60 billion afghani’


The Afghanistan Commercial Companies and Investors Union claims that the former government owes 60 billion afghanis to union members through bank guarantees, remittances and for security, and that the Islamic Emirate should find a regular solution for it.

The head of the union, Mohammad Baz Ghairat, added that if this amount of money is handed to investors, they will invest within Afghanistan and create many jobs.

“Given the country’s high unemployment and homelessness rates, we assure you that if these loans are given to us, we will raise the number of factories in the investment sector from hundreds to thousands,” said Mohammad Baz Ghairat, head of the Afghanistan Commercial Companies and Investors Union.

According to Ghairat, the Islamic Emirate should establish a special commission to facilitate the return of Afghan investors who have fled the country.

“We urge the Islamic Emirate to establish a special commission to facilitate the return of Afghan investors from abroad, similar to the Commission for the Return of Political Figures, so that they can return to the country with complete confidence and invest,” he added.

The union once again urged the US to release Afghanistan’s frozen funds.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Chamber of Industries and Mines (ACIM) says that the banking problem has yet to be addressed, and that investors are unable to transfer money for raw materials.

“In terms of remittances, the Central Bank of Afghanistan works closely with the private sector. Unfortunately, the mediator bank, the City Bank of America, does not always pass the identical TTs of private enterprises or industrialists in a timely manner, and this problem remains,” said Sakhi Ahmad Peyman, head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines.

“Afghanistan’s banking problems are still there.

There is no Afghan bank that can effectively transfer money from Afghan businessmen to enterprises on the other side, neither private nor state-owned “said the deputy of the chamber of commerce, Khairuddin Mayel.

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Investments, some businessmen are now sending money abroad to buy items due to a banking problem.—Tolonews

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