Investment Department inks MoU with WWF to stimulate investments


The Investment Department is keen to provide enabling environment for attracting investments to boost the country’s growth prospects. It is striving to improve investment climate in the province.

In its endeavour to stimulate investments, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with the World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands (WWF-NL).

The MOU is aimed to create synergies among the stakeholders and develop a pipeline of ‘Bankable Projects’ while de-risking investment through a landscape approach.

Enabling private sector entities to co-create solutions to green and make sourcing sustainable (access to green and organic raw materials), green supply chains, processes, and ensure that the private sector can deliver conservation outcomes while simultaneously making a return on its investment.

In the year 2019, the DFCD announced a call for WWF offices network-wide to submit a potential landscape to pilot bankable projects on a landscape level.

Whereas, WWF-Pakistan submitted the Indus Delta Ecoregion as potential landscape, which was subsequently chosen out of 61 submissions worldwide.

Indus Delta Ecoregion is one of the 40 most biologically rich ecoregions in the world and it covers approximately 65% of the total landscape of Sindh.

The Sindh Enterprise Development Fund-SEDF under the Investment Department will collaborate with WWF-Pakistan to discover and pilot bankable conservation projects for the purposes of attracting private sector investment.

The implementation themes include climate-resilient water systems, water management and freshwater ecosystems, forestry, climate-smart agriculture, and restoration of ecosystems to protect the environment.

The programme includes; Feasibility studies including economic valuations, supply chain, private sector stakeholder mapping, socio-economic studies etc.

specific to the Indus Delta ecoregionConduct workshops with Private sector stakeholders/ investors to introduce them about the concept of bankable projects in Indus Delta Ecoregion; Identify and develop potential bankable projects.