Investigation reveals Abdul Qayyum killed by hired killers


The investigation revealed that the religious leader Abdul Qayyum Sufi was murdered by hired killers, according to sources.As per details, the police have released the investigation report of religious leader Abdul Qayyum Sufi’s murder which stated that the bullet shells used in this murder did not match with any past incidents.

The investigation revealed that the suspects conducted race before carrying out the attack and they had information about the entry and exit of the area, sources added. Sources further said that the suspects, who attacked Abdul Qayum Sufi when he was alone, were wearing helmet and mask. They were there on the spot since morning on the day of the murder.

It is pertinent …[9:51 pm, 23/03/2023] Zubair OBS NEW: Availing pending leaves before retirement employee’s right, declares SHCThe Sindh High Court (SHC) issued its ruling on a case related to the termination of a Sui Southern Gas Company employee for taking leaves before retirement, declaring that it is employee’s right to avail outstanding leaves before retirement.

The court accepted the miscellaneous application of the Deputy General Manager Land and State Department. The court ruled that SSGC’s action against the employee was inappropriate and ordered SSGC to submit the outstanding dues to the court.An application was filed in SHC stating that Abbas Raza was an employee in Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and his retirement date was 11 March 2022.

He, however, was fired from job just one day before his retirement on the grounds of taking leaves.It further stated that although the outstanding leaves were taken prior to retirement as per statutory requirements, he was still fired.

The petitioner claimed that SSGC’s action was against the law, and requested that the notification of dismissal should be declared null and void. Moreover, SSGC should be ordered to pay all the dues.