Int’l community, development partners join hands for reconstruction in flood hit areas



International Community and development partners join hands as an act of compassion for the flood-affected people of Pakistan and pledged $9.7 billion during the International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan that was co-hosted by Pakistan and the United Nations in Geneva on 9th January 2023, says the Head of Executive Committee of Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF), Adil Sheraz.

While applauding the efforts of Government of Pakistan, PHF Chief said that Geneva conference is a milestone, and we welcome the commitments of the Geneva conferencefor resilient recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction framework and the skills and expertise of international organizations would be helpful in implementing the Pakistan’s National Adaptation Plan at the grassroot level.

Adil Sheraz stated that INGOs are playing a vital role in the humanitarian relief efforts especially in the aftermath of the floodsthat impacted 33 million people and inflicted cumulative damages of more than $30 billion.

PHF Member Organizations (INGOs) mobilized $150 million for flood responsein hard-to-reach areas of the country.

Now is the time to synergize the efforts for reconstruction of infrastructure, rehabilitation of flood-affected communities and enable people to rebuild their livelihoods.

While highlighting the role of PHF, Adil Sheraz shared that the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) is a representative body of 42 INGOs and 8 affiliate members registered in Pakistan.

The forum supports humanitarian aid delivery and long-term development initiatives in alignment with the development priorities of the Government of Pakistan

. Adil Sheraz expressed that the INGOs are keen to support the government and relevant stakeholders in the flood response activities with their existing structure and networks in the flood-affected areas. PHF is closely working with the government stakeholders on sustained institutional basis and building awareness on climate resilience and adaptation at the grassrootlevel.

In this regard, a series of consultative sessions with the government bodies are underway and we are positive that the collaborative efforts will ensure to build a resilient and prosperous Pakistan.