Internet services again snapped in parts of Lahore amid Imran Khan’s address to nation


ISLAMABAD – Local authorities have shut off internet services in parts of Lahore as people could not access the internet during the live address of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf chairman Imran Khan.

The disruptions were reported around Zaman Park, where Imran Khan is currently residing since he faced an assassination attempt in November last year.

As Imran Khan was set to address the nation while being booked in over 100 cases, authorities shut down the internet — a move slammed by many users who remained disconnected amid the ongoing curbs.

Social media users lamented the disruptions and termed it shameful arbitrary censorship, calling on the provincial government and Telecommunication Authority to end the suppression.

This for the second time when the internet connection was abruptly snapped in provincial capital. Earlier, Zulfi Bukhari revealed that local authorities are trying to isolate the PTI chief in a corner from the rest of the world by snapping off the internet from his residence.

Bukhari said the internet was purposely shut down ahead of the meeting with British parliamentarians and sitting ministers.

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