Internal solidarity essential | By Nighat Leghari


Internal solidarity essential

A game of Bo-Peep ended between the treasury and the opposition and Shahbaz Sharif emerged victorious as Prime Minister of Pakistan and his son Hamza Shahbaz as Chief Minister of Punjab.

Setting a side all the sanctity of the Holy Month of Ramzan and the celebrations of the (Marriage Deconvenance) are on full swing.

The classified media is on red alert the candid cameras are taking every move of the Govt members.

The well-meaning Sharifs once again gained the Power and Prerogative to rule over the country and the fates of 22 billion people of Pakistan.

I always brand them the “Family of Fortunates” this has always been a Pondering Point for me, is it a token of their some goodness, because Quran reads “Our divine support is always behind our good souls for their good deeds”.

A dagger drawn horrible scene was visible in the Punjab Assembly when MPAs attacked with each other.

Crowd of males and females’ members of august house were indulged in physical and verbal spats and scuffling.

Factually our politicians are unaware of the Islamic rules, regulation and code of ethics of policies.

Islam is not a political religion. In Islam the politics and morality has been in tandem. In Islam the major political commands and principles are based on the consciousness and righteousness of the politicians which can develop a stable relation between politicians and the public.

Our politicians know nothing about the ground work of politics. A very renowned Greek philosopher named Socratics was of the opinion that “Power always gives raise to all types of corruption if it is money or ethics”.

Currently the country is in the grip of uncertainty, and crisis, overlooking the solidarity of the homeland.

Every politician is indulged in its own interest. Greed of power dominance prestige, money and high status in the society is the singular desire of our politicians now.

Controversies and confrontation on minor matters is now the only business left in our Parliaments.

Negative criticism on petty problems disrupt Parliament proceedings and important matter related to public are left undone.

Visually speaking the political observers intelligensia and even the commoners of the country are of that opinion that our Govt needs to keep a vigilant eye on the foreign policy and specifically the relations with US, because it has become now a very sensitive issue in its latest conditions by the USA.

It is a truth unrejected that USA has always been a friend in need and not indeed. USA has turned its ears def and eyes blind when Pakistan was going through the two wars with India (1965 & 1971).

A US based Newspaper “New York Times” boldly depicted one of its article at that time, “A very few countries like Pakistan had done as much as has done for Washington but US has been very slow in fulfilling its promises with Pakistan.

The paper further read, “Factually the US is betraying Pakistan by farming friendly relations with it.

The state managers of USA are all hypocrite they are not well-wishers of any impowerish country/ The article read, once the US president Mr. Bush said on one occasion that “I am suffering from a disease of distrust for all over the human community but I am satisfied because I did everything if good or bad for the betterment of my countrymen, taking the truth is always liked by the Almighty God.

In return to this statement of president Bush, the “America Civil Liberty Union” said in its report that “In an effort to be a big brother of human society, the American privacy and liberty is on risk, our president made enemies not friends for America.

People of Pakistan should be aware that USA is not a well wisher of Muslim country like Pakistan.

In a bid to breach into Russia US had invited youngsters from the 60 Islamic Countries, awaking feelings of Jihad in them and supported them economically in lavish and pushed them into so-called Jihad against Russia and when USA gained the goal it branded these youngsters as “Terrorist”.

The new allied Govt is need to be focused on the sensitive strategic policies of the country rather than to keep an eye only on the cosmetic surgery of the country, or major operation of Ex-Prime Minister.

Imran Khan and its coterie. One word of warning, a proverb says, “Look at the letter in the envelope not the beauty of envelope”.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Multan.


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