Intensifying diplomacy


PURSUING an aggressive diplomatic posture is need of the hour to expose illegal Indian acts and gross human rights
violations in occupied Kashmir. Prime Minister’s special committee on Kashmir headed by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi at its maiden meeting on Saturday took some important decisions towards that end to build on diplomatic victory the country achieved at the UN Security Council the other day which discussed Kashmir dispute after a gap of over five decades and expressed serious concerns over evolving situation there.
Giving details of the special committee’s meeting Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, while addressing a news conference along with other members, said it has been decided to establish a Kashmir Cell in the Foreign Office in order to give impetus to ongoing efforts and pursue a focused approach on Kashmir. In addition, it was also decided to establish Kashmir cells in Pakistani embassies in key capitals. The FM, his team and especially Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi deserve appreciation for their efforts to highlight the Kashmir dispute internationally and one expects that they will continue to work with same dedication for the cause of oppressed Kashmiri people. The inclusion of opposition parties in the special committee on Kashmir is also a welcome step to demonstrate to the world that country’s entire political leadership is united as far as Kashmir dispute is concerned.
As regards establishment of Kashmir cells, this indeed is a step in the right direction to move forward in a coordinated and focused manner. This is a long fight that Pakistan has to undertake and coordinate on multiple fronts especially diplomatic to shake world conscience on the rights of Kashmiri people and unmask the real and extremist face of Modi’s India. The process of establishment of Kashmir cells should be completed at the earliest as country cannot afford any delay or give any time to RSS inspired BJP government that harbours dirty plots for Kashmir and Pakistan. Given muted response of the Arab world on the recent illegal actions of India, these special cells also need to be established in Gulf countries to garner support of their people and leadership. Kashmiri people are especially looking towards major Arab countries to come out in their support and that too openly while rising above their economic interests with New Delhi.
The main focus of our lobbying should be concentrated on the Muslim countries as unity in the Muslim world and its united stance will pressurise India to end its tyranny in occupied Valley and move towards resolution of this festering dispute. The million dollar question in the minds of Pakistani and Kashmiri people today is whether the Muslim countries throw their weight behind them or the oppressor whose hands are soaked in the blood of innocent Muslims.

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