Injured Cheetah succumbs to injuries in Khagan


A rare type of cheetah found by Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) staff near Malkandi forest Kaghan died in Dhodial peasantry. According to the information, yesterday, the injured cheetah was shifted to Dhodial through KDA ambulance by the local people for medical treatment, unfortunately, the Cheetah could not survive and succumbed to injuries.

Dr. Ayaz of Dhodial peasantry told to the media that every effort was made to save the cheetah’s life, but due to a critical head injury, the cheetah went into a coma. The doctor further said that the age of the leopard was four to five years. He said that the head injury of the cheetah showed that he fall from a high hill in the pursuit of the hunt and sustained critical injuries, we have found no signs of torture on its body.

Later, the dead body of the cheetah was shifted to Abbottabad for postmortem. On Sunday evening, Chairman KDA Dr. Amil Zaman Khan directed KDA staff, wildlife department and forest officers to the rescue of an injured Cheetah at Kaghan road near Malkundi National Park. The cheetah was brought to the Dhodial peasantry for medical assistance by KDA and Wildlife officials in a semi-conscious state, but could not be rescued due to a severe head injury.