Injection wells recharging 10 MG water per day: CDA


Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Monday said the injection wells installed at various locations in the city had recharged up to 10 million gallons water per day (MGD) amid recent rains.

According to CDA spokesman, the federal apex agency in collaboration with Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) had established around 40 recharge wells in sectors I, H, F and G series to maintain ground water level.

The teams of CDA water supply department were monitoring the wells after every rain to properly accumulate and inject it underground after complete recycling and filtration. The water was sent underground after removal of impurities and polluted elements, he added.

Apart from this, he said, the work on installation of 60 new recharge wells was underway to utilise maximum rainwater to mitigate underground water level. The installation of wells was expected to complete in three to four months.

The recharge wells were being built around the hospitals, educational institutions, government institutions, mosques, green areas and other buildings. In that regard, the building survey was also underway, he maintained and added that the wells would not only increase water level of tube wells, but also help in increasing the water boring pressure of the residents.

The CDA administration, the official said, had appealed the citizens to avoid wastage of water to make it usable for others.

The department had issued a helpline and WhatsApp number 0335-7775444 to address water re

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