Information minister opposes transfer of top officials



Sindh Information and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani has said the federal government has been attempting to spoil the governance and peace situation in Sindh as high-ranking police officials of DIG-level, who are supposed to maintain law and order in the province, are being recalled by Islamabad without consulting the Chief Minister.

Talking to media persons here at the Sindh Assembly building on Friday, the Sindh Information Minister lamented the situation that senior police officials were being posted out of the province at the behest of the Opposition legislators in the Sindh Assembly while the CM had been kept in the dark about the issue.

He said that rules made it binding upon the federal government that the prime minister or his representatives should consult the CM or his representative before ordering the transfer of the senior bureaucratic and police officials out of the province.

He said that an ill-advised rotation policy had been adopted by the present ineligible rulers in 2020 without consulting the provinces that was being used as a pretext to transfer senior police officials out of Sindh without consulting the CM.

The Information Minister said that the Sindh government required services of up to 22 senior police officials to maintain law and order in the province but 12 out of them had been recalled by the centre without consulting the Sindh government.

He said that seven DIGs posted in the province had been recalled recently while five were transferred out of the province a few weeks earlier.

He lamented the situation that the centre had been taking such ill-advised decisions in an autocratic manner at the behest of certain ineligible and incompetent Opposition MPAs in the province.

Ghani said the centre had adopted an inappropriate method to deal with provinces as it couldn’t act as a regulator in the case of any provincial government.

He said the centre couldn’t interfere in the affairs of the province in such a sheer dictatorial manner as a provincial government had come into power after getting votes from people while it also generated revenue for the federation.

He told media persons that the Sindh government required the services of 48 more officials from the centre to do governance and administration in the province.

The Sindh Information Minister said that proper counting of the lawmakers had not been done to pass dozens of bills during the recently convened joint session of the parliament as people of the country had been hoodwinked in this case.

He said the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its allies in the centre had bulldozed the case of Sindh on the controversial census results as by doing so they had usurped the rights of the people of Sindh.

He said the ruling PTI and its allied parties including Grand Democratic Alliance and Muttahida Qaumi Movement had voted in the joint sitting of the parliament in favour of granting an NRO to the Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.

He lamented the situation that natural gas would be available to the household consumers in the province only thrice a day during winters owing to ill-planning on the part of the present incompetent rulers.

He expressed serious concern that basic necessities of life including wheat flour, sugar, electricity, natural gas, and medicines, were out of the reach of the general public due to massive increase in their prices.

To a question, Sindh Information Minister told media persons that police had lodged criminal cases in the killings of Nazim Jokhio and Fahmida Siyal in accordance with the desire of the complainants of the two incidents.

He said the Sindh government had supported the bereaved family of Nazim Jokhio as the victims in this case had also been provided with security.

He said that they would never side with anyone belonging to Pakistan People’s Party if he or she had committed any wrongdoing.


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