Inflation’s tsunami taking its toll on common man: Sheikh Imtiaz


The fluctuation of the dollar has broken the back of the exporters, saidPresident America-Pakistan Business Development ForumSheikh Imtiaz Hussain in an exclusive talk the other day.

He said that the artificial increase in growth rate was causing difficulties due to which exporters were facing severe losses.

He viewed that under the present government, inflation has gone beyond the limits while the dollar rate has also reached the highest level in history.

Sheikh Imtiaz said that the country’s economy was being destroyed and exports are steadily declining but on the other hand the government claims that the economy is improving and exports are also growing.

“Exporters have to bear the loss due to the depreciation of the rupee, he said, adding that exports which had increased due to Corona Virus have fallen by 6 to 8 per cent in the last two months and further deterioration is expected due to instability in the dollar rate.”

Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain said that the best measures were taken during the previous governments to control the value of the dollar, which also increased the country’s exports, but after the swearing-in of Imran Khan, a tsunami of inflation had hit the country.

Everything has become more expensive in the country due to the incomprehensible PTI policy and everything have become expensive and common man is suffering badly.


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