Inflation in country owing to IMF’s conditions

Staff Reporter

Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s Senators have said that strict conditions set by International Monetary Fund (IMF) have resulted in storm of inflation in the country and the government has further increased the price of electricity.

The PPP Senators Palwasha Khan and Rubina Khalid were addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Saturday.

Senator Palwasha Khan said, “People are standing in lines and the Prime Minister was alone at a dummy stall. In this situation I and the nation have reservations about the IMF deal.

Shaukat Tareen is also saying that the conditions of IMF are cruel. People here are suffering from inflation and unemployment and the so-called Mujahid is on a visit to Saudi Arabia.”

The PPP Senator said that Shahzad Akbar’s conspiracy has come to light in the Supreme Court. Shehzad Akbar wants to have a tragedy like Bangladesh in Pakistan.

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