Inflation hits lower class

Sawan Khaskheli

The ongoing inflation has affected common man particularly lower class and low paid employees that they were unable to meet home budgetary in view of the exorbitant prices of various essential commodities in the markets.

The prices of grocery, vegetables, meat, fruits and others have made so high that poor were unable to resist their survival easily.

The flea market in Badin where second hand woolies and footwear including jackets, coats, socks, blankets, warm cloths, caps and other items were being sold out by vendors for winter season on hike prices if compared to some years earlier has made poor worried to buy.

The prices of warm items were claimed higher by vendors in flea market what they argue that they bring the used woolies, cloths and shoes from Hyderabad and Karachi and increased rates of each and every item has made them compelled they could not sell those at a low price.

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