Indus water surges to 6.26 lac cusecs at Kotri Barrage


Nawabshah Airport closed till Sept 25

Indus River has been in high flood at Kotri Barrage, while the water level in Sukkur and Guddu barrages was going down rapidly on Saturday.

The water in the river has dropped to blow low flood at Guddu, Sukkur and other barrages in upstream of Indus River.

The Indus River has been in high flood at Kotri Barrage with water inflow has further surged to 6,26,000 cusecs and outflow in the downstream has been 6,00,000 cusecs.

Four off-taking canals from Kotri Barrage were carrying 20,000 cusecs of water. The river water was exerting pressure at Kotri Barrage and protective dykes from Dadu to Thatta and Sujawal, irrigation sources said.

Several union councils and urban areas of Jamshoro and Kotri have submerged under the river water. Floodwater has entered in homes and residents are facing hardships.

The water in the river at Guddu Barrage has further dropped during last 24 hours to inflow 1,65,200 cusecs and outflow of water 1,58,500 cusecs. The water level has dropped at Sukkur Barrage and inflow and outflow of water in the river has been 1,85,000 cusecs.

Indus River water inflow at Tarbela has been 1,57,000 cusecs, while outflow has been 1,55,300 cusecs. The water inflow in river at Kalabagh has been 1,53,200 cusecs and discharge measured 1,45,200 cusecs. The water inflow in Indus at Chashma has been 2,13,500 cusecs and ischarge measured 1,95,500 cusecs.

The water inflow in river at Taunsa Barrage has been 1,81,200 cusecs, while outflow has been 1,64,200 cusecs, according to the water record.

Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and Sutlej rivers are flowing below the low flood level, the Flood Forecasting Division said.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority in a Notice to Airmen announced on Saturday to close the Nawabshah airport till Sept 25 as the airport’s runway is still inundated with floodwaters and flight operations have been suspended as floodwaters have left entire airfield flooded since last month.

All flights, between Lahore and Karachi, have been advised to use Multan Airport as secondary airport (in bad weather conditions only) in the wake of closure of Nawab Shah Airport. CAA said there are fears that runaway lights may also damage.

Earlier, the Nawabshah airport was closed after torrential rains battered the city leaving the entire airfield flooded. The aerodrome remained closed till Aug 26 due to the accumulation of water in the entire airfield.


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