Indirect Indian war against Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Khan

SEQUEL to the revelations of EU DisinfoLab, many Pakistani youth who were betrayed, mislead and trapped by Indian spying network have exposed the real Indian motives against Pakistan. After knowing the facts, this mislead lot of Pakistani youth have started contacting their respective elders, police and law enforcement agencies for provision of security against the Indian network who trapped them and threatened to kill them if they reveal anything. Indeed, over the years, Indian spying network RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was able to betray, mislead, lured and trap hundreds of these Pakistani youth from various parts of the country through indirect tactics. In most of the cases, RAW used Pakistani students studying in various countries, the expatriates and job seekers against Pakistani state and its institutions. These covert activities are alarming and indeed, an indirect war against Pakistan.

In a very recent revelation, a youth form Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) has exposed the Indian trap that used him and many other Pakistani youth for the anti-Pakistan activities. This Pakistani youth; Mehdi Shah Rizvi is son of late Haider Shah Rizvi hails from GB area. Mehdi Shah has uploaded a video message, confessing, how he was used by RAW people to create dissent amongst the locals and fuel a separatist movement in GB area. Mr Shah said in the message that, “It was just because of these cheap people that my father was declared anti-Pakistan. Indeed, they never knew that they were being used.” Indeed, these foreign spying networks and some NGOs use indirect strategies to convince the lure in the innocent people, trap them and then use them for accomplishment of their own nefarious designs against Pakistan.

Indeed, EU Disinfo Lab has done a great service to Pakistan by revealing the reality of Indian media outlet working in over 116 countries under the patronage of RAW. Indian spying and media network is trapping the people from Pakistan; use them for its own wicked strategies. There have been instances where RAW got these people killed after using them or once someone questions the role he/ she is made to perform. Indian spying network is indeed operating under the cover of accredited NGOs working with the United Nations and other international forums. These NGOs are funded by Indian Government through covert elements of Indian RAW and ask the Pakistani youth to chant slogans and give statements against Pakistan, its armed forces and its premium intelligence agencies.
Mehdi Shah also disclosed the mechanism of trapping Pakistani youth. The Pakistani students who get educational scholarships and jobs in various parts of the world are contacted by NGOs and RAW sponsored communities for their financial assistance in the first phase. In the subsequent phase, they are poisoned to speak against Pakistani state and its military and security institutions in their closed door meetings. In the later stages they are asked to speak against their state and institutions on important national and international occasions. Indeed, there is a complete process of brainwashing of Pakistani youth and many expatriates for petty financial gains.

Mehdi Shah also passed through a similar procedure where he was trapped to the level of becoming a critic of the state and its institutions. Nevertheless, he smelled a rat and exposed everything under the spirit of patriotism. He was given a scholarship for studies in Italy, where he was contacted by the members of the RAW sponsored international NGOs. The expatriate People like Amjad Mirza who already had RAW at their back poisoned him against Pakistan and for pursuing a separate identity of GB. He was already in contact with Abdul Hameed, a former sub nationalist of Balawaristan National Front (Hameed Group). It is worth mentioning that, he spent many years in New Delhi and Belgium under the sponsorship of RAW to promote anti Pakistani sentiments among the locals of this area. Later, he surrendered to law enforcement agencies and his group was banned. Mehdi Shah too was trapped to be used against Pakistan as he himself said, “They trapped me, told lies, and gave me money”. All was aimed at defaming Pakistan and its security institutions.
Indeed, India has a history of anti-Pakistan campaigning and evil designs against it right from its inception in 1947. After the Twin Tower attacks (9/11) RAW collaborated with TTP and started sponsoring its anti-Pakistan activities. Even, today very few people among the masses in India and Pakistan really know the strong nexus between militant organizations in Pakistan and Indian spying network, RAW. The terrorists attack on Peshawar APS was so horrifying with national and international impact that, people really came to know, the true face of the terrorists. RAW was instrumental to the disintegration of Pakistan in 1971 sponsorship of Mukti Bahini (MB). RAW and MB committed infinite brutalities on the people of East Pakistan and later blamed Pakistani military through buck-passing strategy.

Now again, Indian spying network is busy in promoting anti Pakistan activities in various parts of Pakistan. Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had clearly spelled the Indian strategy against Pakistan which his based ‘Offensive-Defensive’ doctrine. Indeed, it is an indirect war against Pakistan through promotion and sponsoring terrorism on one hand and betraying the Pakistani youth on the other hand. Though the Indian strategy of waging an indirect war against Pakistan is not new, nevertheless, there are new dimensions of this war which need serious attention and institutional approach as a pre-emptive strategy. This all is imperative to secure the vulnerable Pakistani youth which can be betrayed and exploited through new forms of modern warfare. Creating a national debate as an awareness campaign and institutional approach to secure the youth may provide remedy against such an indirect Indian warfare.
— The writer is Professor of Politics and IR at International Islamic University, Islamabad.