India’s dubious stand


THE Foreign Office on Saturday rejected Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM) Subrahmanyam Jaishankar’s comments accusing Pakistan of justifying terror as a policy and for frail relations between the two countries. In a statement, the Foreign Office said instead of focusing on its gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, India was resorting to “fabrications and baseless allegations against Pakistan.
Indian Minister has talked about trade and visas as well as greater connectivity between neighbours, forgetting that his own country was the biggest hurdle in way of realisation of these objectives. In the first place, there can’t be full-fledged trade relations when you are using terrorism as state policy using brutal tactics against innocent Kashmiris demanding their right of self-determination and carrying out acts of sabotage in Pakistan. The Indian Minister is advocating for regional connectivity but RAW has been allocated special budget to undermine progress on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a purely economic cooperation venture, which is also open for other countries to join for mutual good and prosperity. India is also responsible for making SAARC – a tool for regional cooperation – an impotent entity, as it is not willing to allow even holding of SAARC summit in Pakistan for successive years.
India repeatedly stopped trade with Pakistan citing so-called involvement of Pakistan in acts of terrorism in that country and even blocked tomato consignments to Pakistan at the risk of crop being perished. The Foreign Office has rightly pointed out that it was the RSS-BJP regime’s dangerous policies of ‘Hindutva’ and ‘Akhand Bharat’ that continued to victimise the people in occupied Kashmir and minorities elsewhere in India and create problems with nearly all of India’s neighbours. India cannot hide its black deeds by feigning to be victim of terrorism when its own record of involvement in acts of terrorism in other countries is now being exposed by neutral global media.

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