India’s dangerous game


AS Modi Government is under greater domestic and foreign
pressure over its discriminatory treatment of minorities, il
legal actions in Occupied Kashmir and mishandling of the situation arising out of Covid-19, it is engaged in a dangerous game of escalating tension both with China and Pakistan in its bid to divert attention of its own people and the international community from real issues. This is evident from provocative statements being churned out by the Indian leadership against Pakistan and attempts to brow-beat China over border dispute, which has backfired and resulted into humiliation for the Modi regime.
Encouraged by its aggressive and expansionist designs over Kashmir issue, New Delhi is now repeatedly resorting to provocative behaviour in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh in western Himalaya. China has been making serious efforts to avoid a major clash and it was in this spirit that Beijing entered into an agreement with New Delhi last week under which the two sides committed to respecting the Actual Line of Control (ALC). However, true to its mischievous policy, Indian troops violated the understanding and crossed the border on to the China side, resulting into physical clash between the troops of the two countries. At least twenty Indian soldiers, who received thrashing from Chinese troops, reportedly succumbed to injuries. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Indian troops crossed the border line twice on Monday, “provoking and attacking Chinese personnel, resulting in a serious physical confrontation between border security forces on the two sides”. The deaths were the first since a border skirmish in 1975 between the nuclear-armed neighbours – also the world’s two most populous countries – which have been unable to settle the dispute along their lengthy frontier mainly because of expansionist mentality of India, which is being pampered by some world powers to test patience of China. This is also confirmed by a latest article appearing in the Washington Post that advises India it should accept that while it has spent a great deal of resources and political energy on Pakistan, with whom it has gone to war four times, its real adversary today is China. Apart from political and diplomatic support, these powers are also providing all sorts of technologies and equipment to India as per their policy of countering China both economically and militarily. This is in stark contrast with the peaceful intentions and policies of China, which is firmly against confrontation with any of the countries of the world especially neighbours and instead has embarked upon physical plans to connect them through a network of corridors. As for the Indian designs, China has the resources and power to give a befitting response to India as was witnessed in Galwan Valley but Pakistan must remain vigilant as India might embark on some misadventure against Pakistan to mend its injured prestige.

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