Indian strategy miserably failed in Afghanistan: Fawad




Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday said that Pakistan is in contact with Afghan authorities and wants an all-inclusive government in Kabul.

Talking to media persons in Lahore, Fawad Chaudhary said that Pakistan had maintained and repeated its stance for a political solution in Afghanistan that has now accepted by the US.

“The only difference was that Pakistan wanted to implement a political solution before this much chaos and destruction. President Joe Biden is absolutely right in saying that Afghanistan has no military solution. This narrative was constantly said by Prime Minister Imran Khan since 2007,” he added.

The minister said that Pakistan cannot abandon common Afghans because their lives are equally important to those who were evacuated from Kabul. “The PIA has played a tremendous role in lifting foreigners stranded in Kabul. Our press section in Kabul Embassy played an immense role,” he added.

He said that Pakistan’s borders are open. “We are in contact with Taliban so that both sections of Afghans —those who want to leave and those who left behind – can be taken care of,” Fawad said.

Fawad lamented India for undue and unjustified criticism of Pakistan as the former has no interests in Afghanistan. “India has always used Afghan soil against Pakistan for terrorism purposes,” he said.

Commenting on government-opposition talks on the ongoing political situation, Fawad said, “In the past Imran Khan has emphasized dialogue with the opposition on things like the appointment of ECP members and electoral reforms.”

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