Indian Propaganda can not make Baloch anarchists and TTP to collaborate


India is floating ANTI-SOCIAL propaganda that American weapons left in Afghanistan are in the hands of Baloch Militants and they are Collaborating with TTP. It is baseless propaganda as India herself is patronizing and supporting Baloch anarchists using Afghan soil.

Modern arms are very precious assets for Afghan Taliban, they have gathered every item of weaponry left behind by American troops.

As these weapons could fall in the hands of opponents creating a major threat for them, Afghan Taliban take exception to any report regarding their presence in Afghanistan.

Baloch separatists have been guests of anti-Taliban Afghan governments, Taliban could not trust them.

Afghan Taliban believes that there are agents of western agencies among Baloch militants and any relationship with them poses a serious security challenge.

No top Baloch militant leader is present in Afghanistan rather they are manipulating militants from European countries, and it is also a problem for Taliban to make them accountable for hostile activities in their country.

Afghan Taliban also do not desire any unwanted trouble in their relations with Pakistan, while Baloch militants have deep ties with India, which is using Afghan soil for anti-social activities in Pakistan.

China has shown willingness to include Afghanistan in CPEC, it would be a major source of foreign funds for cash strapped Taliban government.

As China have serious concerns regarding presence of Baloch militants, and some of them are also involved in attacks on Chinese citizens, allowing their activities have a very high price for Afghanistan.

Baloch Militants are secular and addicted to social evils not acceptable for Islamic government of Taliban and they will only get capital punishments there not the support which suits to India’s nefarious designs.—PR


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