Indian minorities must unite against repression


The Indian government had crossed all limits and had violated the fundamental human rights, especially in case of minorities, in particular Muslims, based in India, said Lieutenant General Raza Khan, Former President National Defense University He was speaking at a webinar titled ‘Ban Culture: A Way to Create Akhand Bharat’.

The session was organized by the Institute of Regional Studies. Lieutenant General Khan was of the opinion that the plight of the Indian Muslims was a major concern in the present times and that it was imperative to chalk out distinct roles for the international community, and in particular, the OIC as the representative of the Muslim world to overcome such brazen abuse of power.

He said that Akhand Bharat was the slogan of RSS which aimed at reunifying the 10 countries of subcontinent including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and even Myanmar (Muslim countries).

However, all that was happening in India (i.e., prohibiting Friday prayer, banning Hijab, mob violence against minorities) was the anti-thesis of this mythology of Akhand Bharat.

He added that the current demography of the Indian prisons was a narration of the plight of the minorities in India, as most of the convicted felons in the Indian prisons were either Muslims or Dalits. He said that the human rights violations were unstoppable; the scariest among which was the systematic dilution of fundamental elements of Muslim identity.

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